Chapter 3 Cover!

Chapter 3 Cover!

The Chapter 3 Cover is here!

Thank you all supporting Surfer Joe! Chapter 3 was a lot of fun to make and challenged my ever-growing storytelling skills. The cover image is based on the logo for Sonny’s Surf Shack. I didn’t care for the old one used in the pages of the comic, so I updated it to this new one during the week. The design is based on some drawing my daughter Serina was doing, depicting the character of Sonny as a smiling sun. I added the flaming hands and a surfboard, as well as giving the face a tiki mask feel. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Chapter 4 Coming Soon…

I’m currently writing the script for chapter 4. It should be finished up in 2-3 weeks, and production will start shortly after. It’s gonna be packed with drama, so stay tuned!

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