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Ousted (#022)


Sucks getting ousted by your peers…

Usually you gotta do something pretty bad to get ousted. Like steal a bunch of money, or sleep with someone’s girl. But every group has at least one story of someone who had to be cut out for whatever reason. Or NO reason. Some people just aren’t welcome… because… um… Just not liked I guess.

I never really understood this aspect of group mentality. People like to crowd together and put up fences to separate them from the rest of the world. There are obvious examples of this, racism for example. Or religion, or nationalism. But those are larger scale and most everyone can agree, at least in racism’s case, that it’s not a healthy culture.

But I think all these things stem from the same root need for humans to find like minded people, build a fence around it and call it community. It’s almost as if the wold is to diverse and complex for folks to process, and this is the easiest way to simplify things so people don’t go mad. Or maybe it’s the human need to categorize everything neatly into their proper places. It’s pretty prevalent in high school cliques. You have your jocks, preps, geeks, gamers, skaters, outcasts. When you get to high school you pick a group(or they pick you). And you play the part.

But people are more complicated than that. I was a gamer skater geek closet-jock posing as an outcast. Truth is I never wanted to be associated with any group at all(and still don’t). The whole thing is the most asinine waste of time and energy. I want to be friends with everyone. I don’t care weather others say you are good person or not. Most people are just doing the best they can, and acting out of selfishness in a natural impulse. Human beings are neither good nor bad, they’re stuck in the middle. The need to label things as a society is the very thing that separates us.



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