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The Shaft (#018)

The Shaft

The topic of this blog post is the Shaft(In your FACE Yoast SEO!)

There is nothing I can imagine surfers spend more money on than wax. Unless of course you’re pro and you snap sticks left and right. I used to re-use my wax a lot. At the end of a season I scrape my boards clean and ball all the wax up into a huge, gooey sphere. Then I’d be good in case of emergency. I called it いろいろワックス(iro iro wakkusu), which means “various wax” according to Google Translate. It’s come in handy more than a few times.

I wonder how much of a surf shops sales revenue is wax… It would be interesting to ask one of the local owners. If I was a shop owner I might be disappointed when a costumer shows up just for wax. I’d be psyching myself up to make a sale on a board or wet suit or something, only to find they’re “just here for wax”. Dang-gummit. But I’m a terrible salesman. I’m sure there are those who could sell anything to anyone. I would love to have that skill I suppose… The problem for me is that I feel like a greedy person when I try to sell people stuff. The whole thing feels… sleazy to me. I know this is totally irrational thinking, and it’s something I’m going to have to get over if I want to earn a living doing this. It’s totally a mental block thing.

Mental block is, in my mind, the number one thing holding people back from achieving. Whether it’s a position you want to obtain at a company, or you’re trying to learn a new skill. You have reservations about looking stupid, or maybe you have some kind of arbitrary moral objection. These stop you from committing to whatever you are doing, and failure is imminent. You are destined for the shaft.


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