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Tyler (#015)


Tyler is an interesting character. He’s basically Biff Tannon from Back to the Future with a surfboard. The skull design on the surfboard was my daughter Serina’s idea(in fact, the whole character was her idea, muscles and all). Before this I had a different bully in mind who would be much more passive, acting more as a straight up rival for Joe rather than a pure antagonist. But I like Tyler better. Giving him an easily recognizable archetype allows the reader to understand who he is quickly. And now moving forward we can start to unveil more subtleties of his personality. It’s going to be a fun ride discovering who Tyler is…

Starting to get into the story a bit more now. It takes a lot to set everything up so the story has somewhere to go. The key is to try and make it interesting moment by moment. Since we upload single pages twice a week I feel like every page should have some kind of cliffhanger at the end of it so you, dear reader, will be wanting to read more. In the conventional format of comics I don’t think it’s necessary to do this, so It’ll be interesting to see how it reads in print once we have enough pages to do so. I hope the pacing of the story is ok. I worry sometimes that it might be moving too slow, but in the end I need to trust what I’ve written and keep moving forward.

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