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Dinged (#014)


Collisions happen and boards get dinged. And then people get upset. Joe and Tyler had a run in. It’s not Joe’s fault, he’s new and doesn’t know what he’s doing yet. When you are not aware of what all the possible variables can be it’s hard to look out for them. And most veterans operate under the assumption that others know what they’re doing(or at least pretend to).

I suppose it’s understandable… Surfboard dings can be a pain to repair. The process can take days if you want to do it right, and it usually means your favorite board will be out of commission for a while. It involves sanding and mixing chemicals. But if you don’t repair it, it can shorten the life of your surfboard dramatically. The board will start taking on water, which is tough to get out. It sits in there and starts to rot the core, and the board will become frail. When you consider a decent surfboard starts at around $800 you can see why surfers get so worked up over something that seems so small.

Of course most dedicated surfers have a plethora of boards in their quiver. I personally have boards that run the gamut from 5’8″ to 9’6″ and everywhere in between. I can’t even remember how I’ve acquired some of them. Some were gifts or hand-me-downs, some were ordered from shapers or bought off the rack… some were found in the trash with the intention of fixing them up. So I never have a shortage of rides if one of my sticks goes down. Maybe it’s better not to get worked up over a ding… nothing lasts forever.

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