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Air time (#010)

Air time

I’ve been finding myself more and more recently trying to get some air time. Of course for a kook like me that usually means hitting the eject button and flying out the back of the wave. And believe me, you fly far! I’ve flown high enough that it hurts when I hit the water on the way back down. I must remember to take my surfboard with me next time! Or work on my floaters… I suck at floaters.

Hitting the eject button is fun but it’s usually brought about by panic. Usually the wave is starting to shut down(at least in my mind) and I’d rather take my chances in the air than get creamed by the closeout ahead.

This is where the floater comes in. It is one of the essential maneuvers in surfing. It’s basically when you hop up(still attached to your board, this is important) and ride along the top of the crashing section. If performed right it should carry you past the closeout and into more open face. What I find is that they require speed to pull off properly, and I’m not great at getting a lot of speed yet.

Be careful not to put the cart before the horse. If I take it one step at a time, maybe someday I can bust airs like Filipe Toledo. Now that’s some serious air time.

Nah, who am I kidding? That guy is nuts… in the best way possible.

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