Gari Gari Kun (#082)

Gari Gari Kun (#082)

Ah, the memories of past Japanese summers… 

Body boarding at the beach by the cabin, campfires and fireworks(also at the beach), visiting the neighborhood matsuri for food and dance. And of course, nothing beach chomping down on a nice Gari Gari Kun after a hot afternoon at the beach. It’s a family tradition. We ate Gari Gari as kids and now that I’m a parent, my kids enjoy them as well.

This summer has been cold. It rained all through August without pause, and when September hit it already felt like autumn. The waves had been really quiet too, with virtually no swell during August. That all changed last week when we were hit by two systems off the coast, sending massive waves towards Shinko’s shores.

It had certainly been a fun summer though. Mostly, we sat inside and read books, drew pictures and played the occasional video game. Any time spent with the family is a great time. When you are around people you love, you don’t need external entertainment to have fun.

And a lot of fun we had.

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