Surfer Joe Chapter 4 Start! (#079-80)

Surfer Joe Chapter 4 Start! (#079-80)

Hoooo-boy it has been a while since my last upload.

It’s been a tough road to get the chapter 4 script ready for production. It’s been 3 months since chapter 3 had finished, and a lot of things have happened. Mostly freelancing in order to earn some extra cash, and a family reunion that was a fun and exciting time. We had a family of goldfish too, but it didn’t last long…

In the past chapters I have been able to get away with working from a rough outline. It would make for some interesting twists in the story, but this time I decided to do a little more planning before I started drawing on my new pages. It proved to be a tough challenge, but I managed to create a script that I’m really happy with. This chapter is pivotal to the plot moving forward, so buckle up!

Working from home is a solitary experience. The solitude can be nice, but sometimes depressing. I had the pleasure of spending a lot of my afternoons with my daughter Serina. We would hang out and draw and talk about stuff. She just started Junior high and feeling the burn from the extra workload so it was nice to spend the summer with her. And a good thing too because it rained all of August. It’s been uncannily cool this summer, and there hasn’t been decent swell for about a month now.

It’s ok though… because the waves are coming!


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Surf Yogis All Natural Sunscreen
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