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Knowing Your Limits #074

Knowing your limits

Know your limits… I wonder what the purpose of this phrase is. I mean, on the surface it is straight forward. Don’t get in over your head, or bite off more than you can chew… or any number of other sayings that convey the same message. A message of warning. “Don’t do that, or something bad is going to happen.”

The problem with these sayings is that they take complex problems full of gray areas and attempts to put it into black and white terms. How does one get to know his or her limits? By pushing them. You can’t really know until you step over the line and see what happens. But once you do you will gain knowledge to help you push further the next time.

I prefer the term. “Go in with you head up.” You can go into anything as long as you are paying attention and learning your surroundings.

And charge forward. Surfing taught me that.

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