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Sonny’s Surf Shack (#059)

Sonny's Surf Shack

It’s about time we had a new setting in this comic. And what better way to transition to the land than through the cornerstone of any local surfing community, the Surf Shop. Surf shops are more than just stores, they function as community centers where people can go and hang out with their fellow man.

As such, it places the shop owners as leaders in the community. They are mentors and friends to the local surfers and represent them in the larger community. At least that’s how it works in theory.

What’s interesting is how all the shops have a different and distinct personality, like they all represent different attitudes towards surfing. One shop might see themselves as the enforcers of the lineup. They like to scare non-locals away and start altercations with people who don’t show etiquette. Some shops might we more laid back. Maybe they’re more into art or the surfer’s carefree lifestyle.

Some shops might be more nationalistic, only using Japanese made products. Others might be more international. There are a lot of differences between them to be sure.

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