Kirra’s First Wave (#057)

Kirra’s First Wave (#057)

I remember pushing my daughters into their first waves…

Well, I better. It was only a few years ago. It was pretty fun. I wanted them to get used to standing up on a surfboard from a laying down position. We would practice on the beach a few times before heading out to the water.

Once we were in the water, I would hold the board steady while they practiced their pop-ups. This is good because they can get used to standing on a shaky board. I reckon it is harder than standing on a moving surfboard. Kind of like riding a bike.

It’s important for a person’s first experience with surfing to be a good one. 

The key is going out on a mellow day. I would push them into small waves and watch them stand up and ride. It was a pure thrill to experience. A memory to cherish. They’re big enough to paddle into waves on their own now. And they’re starting to plead for their own wetsuits and boards. Looks like I’m going to have to work harder. Surf gear is expensive, but worth it I think.

Surfing is one the healthiest activities a person can do. I try to get out regularly, and hope in time I can take my kids with me.

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