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Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean (#045)

Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean

Waves come pulsing into shore one after another…

If you’re not paying attention you’ll get slapped upside the head, guaranteed. It’s easy to lose yourself when you are having fun. You start to take your environment for granted. Next thing you know you’re rolling in the wash getting water up your nose.

Surfing taught me the importance of being mindful of your environment. Understanding how waves work and the factors that impact them will enable you to move freely among the surf. The tides, the wind, and geology of the break need to be taken into account. Not to mention swell direction. 

This mindfulness carries over into other situations as well. Whether it’s knowing the mood of a room. Or paying attention to traffic on the streets. Or when on a nature hike… ’cause bears and stuff. 

It’s actually not that hard, I swear. It’s just small a matter of paying attention to every little detail and seeing the impact those details have on the larger environment. Simple right? 

I probably have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m really just stringing random words together at this point, hoping I won’t be exposed as yet another blogger with nothing to say. Garbage bean banana cabbage. Stroodle sock muppets like baseball kittens. Booger. When the stork comes to collect, you better have your three sea shells ready. Or else there will be peanut butter and long island iced teas. It’s stupendous!

But seriously, pay attention or life will smack you in the back of the head. Then you’ll look dumb, and people will laugh at you… Or that’s what you’ll tell yourself anyway. The reality is no one cares, they’re too busy worrying about themselves. 

Blister weasel.

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