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Fever Dream (#075)

I've had a lot of interesting images visit me while wrestling a fever. I suppose it's because I have a wild imagination, and it kicks into hyperdrive when you have nothing to do but lay down and wait for the fever to pass. Sleeping is out of the question. I mean, I try to but when you have trouble shutting down your thoughts it can be difficult. When you don't feel up to putting things out then it gathers and festers. Pretty soon you are stuck with a collage of images and events, some pleasant and some not. Sometimes these fever dreams become something tangible. The first time I was ever involved in the creation of a story came from a fever. Not just some pie in the sky story, but a real story, on paper for people to read.  In the dream, I'm standing outside of a farm house and I hear sc…



Surfer Joe Cover Reveal! …And chapter 3 news.

Surfer Joe is coming to print!

We're excited to share the covers of our new Surfer Joe issues. Why you ask? Because Chapters 1 and 2 are coming to print! They will be hitting Surfer Joe's web-store sometime after the New Year so keep an eye out for them!

Chapter 3 starts after the new year.

We apologize for the lack of updates regarding the status of chapter 3. We are hard at work writing the new chapter. It's going to be a fun addition to the story of Joe and Hiro, and we're excited about the story.

Regular uploads will resume January 4th. So stay tuned!



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